The Insights to Behavior assessment is a 16-question observational assessment that allows your team to collaborate and obtain quick results.

Improve the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of your K-12 behavior and classroom management processes. Go beyond chronicling behaviors and determine the underlying causes of the action and implement research-based strategies to solve the issue.

Teachers begin a plan by opening a case. They can notify their student’s team and administrators, who can then collaborate to complete the project in a face-to-face meeting or from anywhere that they can access the internet. Collectively they can produce a detailed assessment for the student by using the research-based wizard.

Our mini-Functional Behavior Assessment:

  • Helps you identify the functions of your students’ behaviors.
  • Generates suggested strategies to help you customize plans.
  • Offers proactive strategies, replacement behaviors, and reactive strategies.
  • Allows you to edit and individualize strategies to meet the specific needs of your students.
  • Takes about 40 minutes online, not 40 hours!