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Behavior Management
On-Demand Webinar

In this session we will discuss how to modernize behavior management and the common pitfalls associated with ineffective Tier 2 models. We will offer recommendations for implementing effective processes for identifying the target behaviors so that MTSS members may select the appropriate solutions for improving Tier 2 student’s behavior. We will also look at how technology solutions like Insights to Behavior can play a role in managing MTSS processes and collecting valuable data for progress monitoring. Insights to Behavior is an online behavior management system being used in over 900 schools across the US and Canada to quickly and efficiently create individualized FBAs and BIPs for students with behavior challenges.

Adopt Best Practices To Modernize Behavior Management in your K-12 district or school.

Insights To Behavior is an exciting new web-based solution to create Individual Behavior Plans in one-hour or less. Benefit from consolidated reporting, CE training, and research-based tools to foster safer schools and more peaceful and productive classrooms.

Insights to Behavior empowers administrators and teachers with an unprecedented suite of tools to create, update, track, and report on Individual Behavior Plans whether it’s implemented in a single school or district-wide.

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