Track Progress

Insights to Behavior provides built-in data capture and reporting tools allowing teams to generate individual student progress reports and graph the frequency of challenging behaviors over time.

Modernize behavior management processes: Track and monitor both student and teacher progress. View centralized reporting and an at-a-glance dashboard.

Easily isolate breakdowns and access tools and resources to get both teachers and students back on track. It takes a teacher less than two minutes to update their student data sheets that offer administrators an early-warning system that gives everyone peace-of-mind mind.<.p>

Benefit from access to real-time insight that enables school officials to proactively react to violent changes in a student’s behavior and mitigate high-profile incidents.

  • Automate and customize reporting.
  • Quickly identify successful strategies.
  • Easily detect ineffective strategies.
  • Save time with report generation tools during quarterly reporting periods.
  • Share reports with the entire teaching team, parents, and administrators.
  • Effortlessly add to your students’ IEP.
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