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Insights to Behavior is an innovative behavior management company offering an exciting, new technology based solution for developing behavior interventions for K-12 School Districts. Our web-based system takes you from observations to a behavior plan in an hour, reducing special education referrals, legal liabilities, agency support and outplacements while simultaneously saving districts significant amounts of money, time, and staff allocations.

Behavior Management

Using the systems’ guided process, quickly identify accurate, effective proactive strategies, replacement behaviors, and reactive strategies to help meet IEP goals.


Social and Emotional

Provides access to over 3,000 activities across 28 different social and emotional areas that can be used on IEP’s with teachers, paraprofessionals and parents.



Provide’s over 40 hrs of online workshops for Psychologists, Special Ed Staff, Teachers, Support Staff, and Administrators on classroom management, behavior management, and specific behaviors.

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