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Federal law regarding the discipline of students with disabilities is complex. It requires public schools to serve students who may be disruptive or violent, while maintaining a safe campus for all. The Toolbox breaks this down into easily understood, practical strategies that are available under the law. In this presentation we will provide an intro to the ten “tools,” with a particular emphasis on positive behavior plans.

We discuss how to modernize behavior management and the common pitfalls associated with ineffective Tier 2 models. We offer recommendations for implementing effective processes for identifying the target behaviors so that MTSS members may select the appropriate solutions for improving Tier 2 student’s behavior. We also look at how technology solutions like Insights to Behavior can play a role in managing MTSS processes and collecting valuable data for progress monitoring.

This webinar will show you a practical application of behavior management to serve children with autism. Kenton Levings, President of Insights to Behavior, demonstrates the functional ways that Insights to Behavior can help by examining the specific case of his cousin, a ten-year-old child that was recently diagnosed with autism.

In this session, Kenton Levings, President of Insights to Behavior, will highlight all of the changes and updates to the Insights to Behavior platform that have been made over the summer. If you’re a customer wanting to keep up with new capabilities or are curious to see what Insights looks like, this is a great webinar to watch.