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Behavior Management

Insights to Behavior

provides a simple way to take users through process of ABC Data Collection, Behavior Assessments, Strategies, and Progress Management

Using the systems’ guided process, quickly identify accurate, effective proactive strategies, replacement behaviors, and reactive strategies to help meet IEP goals.

The strategies are age appropriate and take into consideration the student’s communication ability.

Districts are confronted with punctually serving the growing number of students with behavior challenges. Insights to Behavior reduces the amount of time it takes to build a behavior intervention plan for a student from 40 hours to about an hour. Students identified with a potential behavior challenge can receive help faster when schools take advantage of all that Insights to Behavior offers.

Districts also must address the potential for inconsistency among team members when creating behavior intervention plans. While some team members, such as a BCBA, have significant training in behavior analysis, others have not had the same specialized training. Insights to Behavior provides a very simple process of assessment to determine the function of the behavior and ABA based strategies for creating quality behavior intervention plans. This supports a collaborative approach as all members of the evaluation team have access and input to a student case.

Whether you are dealing with a minor behavior that disrupts the classroom or something major and harmful, Insights to Behavior will help you develop quality behavior intervention plans for any specific student and situation.

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