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Building Confidence in Behavior Management

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The consequences of ineffective behavior management extend beyond the classroom. Students in classrooms with high levels of disruptive behavior are more likely to experience academic failure, disengagement, and even dropout, according to the National Dropout Prevention Center.

One significant issue contributing to this challenge is the lack of behavior management training provided in traditional education degrees and certification programs. A survey conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality found that only 37% of evaluated teacher preparation programs provided comprehensive instruction in behavior management techniques. While traditional programs focus extensively on pedagogical techniques and subject matter knowledge, they often overlook the critical skills needed to effectively manage classroom behavior. As a result, many educators find themselves ill-equipped to handle disruptive behaviors, leading to frustration, burnout, and ultimately, attrition from the profession.

Insights to Behavior plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the need for behavior management training and the resources available to educators. As an Approved Continuing Education (ACE) provider by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), Insights to Behavior ensures that its professional development courses meet rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness. Moreover, Insights to Behavior collaborates with numerous organizations across the nation to offer approved continuing education and professional development courses, making its training accessible to educators nationwide.

The workshops offered by Insights to Behavior are online, self-paced, and certificate-bearing, allowing educators to learn at their own convenience while earning valuable professional development credits. Additionally, Insights to Behavior continually updates its workshop offerings, providing access to the latest research and best practices in behavior management. Through its comprehensive and accessible training programs, Insights to Behavior empowers educators to effectively address behavioral challenges in their classrooms, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for all students.

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