Comprehensive Behavior Management Solution

Are you involved in the team that decides which tools your organization uses for behavior management? Are you interested in scheduling an online demo for your team?

Insights to Behavior is an award-winning platform dedicated to helping educators, behavior specialists, and administrators develop effective behavior intervention plans (BIPs) and manage challenging behaviors in educational settings.

Our mission is to empower educators with the tools and knowledge to create positive learning environments by providing practical, research-based strategies for behavior management.

As Your Partner in Behavior, Insights to Behavior provides a suite of tools to create more peaceful and productive classrooms.

Key Features

Customizable Behavior Intervention Plans to meet the specific needs of individual students.

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) to understand the functions of challenging behaviors, ensure thorough and consistent assessments, and inform the development of effective BIPs and targeted interventions.

Research-Based Strategies utilizing evidence-based practices for effective intervention.

Real-time Data Collection and Analysis tools to track student progress and improve intervention outcomes and supports making informed decisions quickly.

Visual Comprehensive Reports help analyze behavior trends and intervention effectiveness.

Professional Development provided through monthly webinars, tutorials, and workshops on behavior management. CEU credits available in most areas.


Benefits for Educators

Efficiency: Save time with ready-made templates and automated data collection.

Effectiveness: Implement proven strategies to improve student behavior and academic performance.

Professional Growth: Enhance your skills with ongoing professional development opportunities.

Benefits for Students

Personalized Support: Receive tailored interventions that address individual needs.

Positive Environment: Benefit from a supportive and structured learning environment.

Improved Outcomes: Experience better academic and behavioral outcomes through targeted interventions.

More Information

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