Create Behavior Intervention Plans in under an hour.

Insights to Behavior is a New web-based application that empowers any user to create a legally-defensible Behavior Intervention plan in under an hour—including age-appropriate and research-based strategies so you can Track, manage, and modify K-12 Student behaviors better than ever.

Brenda Mullins, Dir of Curriculum and Compliance | Harris County Department of Education

“Anything that can better show administrators what is happening on our campus is a huge benefit for us. I've not seen a software that does everything Insights does.”

Brenda Mullins, Director of Curriculum and Compliance at Harris County Department of Education

Advantages Exclusive To Insights To Behavior Users

Insights to Behavior empowers administrators and teachers with an unprecedented suite of tools to create, update, track, and report on Behavior Intervention Plans—whether it’s implemented in a single school or district-wide.

Research-based strategies at your fingertips.

No more internet searches. Access age appropriate research-based strategies in one place with video demonstrations.

Behavior management best practices.

Go beyond the anecdotal: Assess and track behaviors and strategies to solve and prevent problems in the classroom.

Fewer meetings and faster workflow.

A web-based platform connects stakeholders allowing for fewer face-to-face meetings. 

Better equip teachers with skills training.

Empower teacher skill-set with video-based professional development training on-demand.

Continual improvement made simple.

Replace spreadsheets and paper reports with at-a-glance dashboards and professional reporting.

Track and monitor both student and teacher progress.

Centralized reporting and an at-a-glance dashboard. Easily isolate breakdowns and access tools and resources to get both teachers and students back on track. It takes a teacher less than two minutes to update their student data sheets that offer administrators an early warning system that gives everyone peace-of-mind. Benefit from access to real-time insight that enables school officials to proactively react to violent changes in a student’s behavior and mitigate high-profile incidents.

Improve speed, efficiency, and effectiveness

Go beyond chronicling behaviors and determine the underlying causes of the action and implement research-based strategies to solve the issue. Teachers begin a plan by opening a case. They can notify their student’s team and administrators, who can then collaborate to complete the project in a face-to-face meeting or from anywhere they can access the internet. Collectively they produce a detailed assessment for the student using the research-based wizard.

Practical research-based tools for productive classrooms.

Gain access to Continuing Education tools, training, and resources that empower educators and set students on a path to success. Equip classroom educators to allow them to correct and prevent specific behavioral issues with video-based professional development skills training that’s available on-demand. Keep students on track with resources for social and emotional support that improve a student’s attention, emotional regulation, adaptability, and social understanding.

Evaluate Insights to Behavior. Choose which option best fits your needs.

Experience how easy and rewarding it is to implement our web-based suite to develop Behavior Intervention Plans for your District’s K-12 schools.