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K-12 Behavior Management Blog

Author: Kenton Levings

7 Classroom Management Strategies for Students With Learning Disorders

Approximately 59% of students diagnosed with special needs spend more than 80% of their school day in a general education setting. There are lots of benefits to structuring education in this way. Yet, it can also prove challenging when implementing classroom management strategies. Students with learning disorders often have unique needs and learning styles. It’s is important to ... Read more

5 Activities For Using Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom

Classroom management is essential for creating an environment that is conducive to learning. There is nothing worse than having a student’s behavior throw a wrench in your entire lesson plan. It might be tempting to address disruptive behaviors directly with consequences and reprimands. Unfortunately, this draws unnecessary attention to the undesired behavior. It can also lead to further ... Read more

7 Behavior Management Strategies for Special Education Teachers

Managing a mainstream classroom can be a challenge, but a special education class requires a greater commitment from the teacher. In every classroom, there are students who have specific educational needs. A special education teacher needs to be able to adjust their lesson plans for every individual. Without the proper training and behavior management strategies, ... Read more

Proactive and Effective Behavior Management: A Guide for K-12

Classroom management is one of the biggest struggles faced by new and seasoned teachers alike. Unless you have good behavior management strategies in place, your classroom can easily fall into disorder and chaos. Although there are many proactive approaches, it’s important to recognize that tactics should vary between age groups. The following techniques will help you effectively manage ... Read more

Accepting and Including: Challenging Behaviors in General Education

Both the teachers and children have been facing new challenges over the course of the past year. Virtual learning has changed the landscape of general education. With these changes come new challenges and new behaviors. Addressing and managing challenging behaviors is nothing new for teachers. While the environment has changed, many of the same principles ... Read more

What Is Social-Emotional Learning and How Can You Integrate It Into Your Classroom?

As an education professional, it’s your job to provide the best classroom learning experience to the students in your care. Many people forget that some of the skills that they’re responsible for teaching don’t come from textbooks. It’s important to engage students in social-emotional learning (SEL). But what is social-emotional learning, and what strategies can ... Read more

Turning Education on Its Head: How to Teach Using a Flipped Classroom

Experimenting with a new teaching strategy can be frightening. Still, your students’ needs and changing circumstances in the world demand innovation. Knowing that other teachers have been successful with a particular teaching method can make innovation less intimidating. Having concrete steps you can take to replicate their success in your classroom makes it even more manageable. Popular ... Read more