Register for the next webinar

Register for the webinar!

Our next webinar is on 10/16 at 1 PM Central Time.

The topic will be “Four Keys to Changing Behavior.”

Our presenter is Dr. Theresa Shattuck, Supervisor of Specialized Support at Dallas ISD. Her introduction:

As an educator for over 40 years, it never mattered what grade I taught or what student abilities were in the classroom, in the day-to-day routines there were always undesired behaviors. I began looking at behavior, not from a disability point of view, but from a human point of view. I have come up with four keys to remember when trying to replace undesired behavior with desired behavior.

This webinar will share those four keys and demonstrate how they are applicable in varying settings and situations. I will share practical ideas for use in the classroom and at home. I promise that you will walk away saying, “Well that makes sense.”

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